Free cancellation with money refund

Free cancellation till 30 days before arrival and get your (pre)payment refunded within 7 days. As simple as that. For cancellations within 30 days see hier.

Clean & Disinfected

All houses are cleaned and disinfected with greatest care and attention. At arrival we organize a contactless key transfer, when a short introduction and instructions are needed, we keep distance of course. We use disinfecting cleaning products. Disinfecting gel and tissues are ready for use!

Your privacy, your way

A holiday home is a holiday, your way. Lots of privacy and space around the house and do what you want to do. Your own kitchen and garden, your own terrace and view, your own pool. It is up to you. Break away in your own way.

Your digital nomad area

Assuming that you go on holiday to relax, even then you want to be on-line or you have to do your job or study. All the properties do have reasonable WiFi for mailing, chatting or to set up a call. Streaming films or downloading heavy files is not always fast or smooth. More and more houses do have a digital nomad area or room to work in peace.