and its team members naturally stand for their own values:


Clear in our communication, clear agreements and direct contacts. With a listening ear for the wishes of both the landlord and you, mutual expectations are coordinated. So no surprises. We like that.

Example: we use all-in prices


A nose for the best deal and with a view to long-term mutual cooperation. We have the future in our own hands by doing "what feels right". This provides a healthy balance between business interest and our immediate environment and offers solutions that benefit everyone. Together there is a future.

Example: We focus on great service, think in solutions and do everything for a smile!


With our compass on international destinations, we always keep an eye on ''the couleur locale''. Our team members live and work on the spot, with knowledge of the region and its customs. All with the same boundless motive to improve.

Example: our local colleagues know each accommodation and landlord personally.


Creative, with a sense of style and refreshing at the same time, win-win-oriented with the right sense of proportion. This is how we seize our opportunities and do what we promise. Always with our feet on the floor and our hands rolled up (we leave arrogance to the competitors). All in all a bit stubborn, just a bit different.

Example: in every corner of Europe, our partners are 100% responsible for direct contact with Landlord and have freedom of action.


Yes, we have the ambition to be the best, to provide boundless service, to be available anytime and anywhere and to have an eye for every detail. Do more than your utmost, thatś what we call: involved!

Example: you can reach us 24/7. We are only satisfied when you are happy.


Our experience goes hand in hand with a clear view of the market. We know exactly what's going on. Always in contact with local professionals, looking for new rental talent and open to new insights. This way we broaden our knowledge and respond quickly to changes in the market.

Example: We never promise the lowest price, we do promise the best and correct all-in price and you can mark that!


Who shares, is able to multiply. For us, it is a logical step towards healthy growth. Sharing knowledge, extra income, or any unforeseen setbacks. Together you can and know more. Our homeowners are the breeding ground, our guests are worth their weight in gold, especially when you book again.

Example: in unforeseen circumstances where "no one is to blame" we often share the damage in the triangle with the homeowner and our guests. Shared damage is…


Speaks for itself; we do what we like and share it with each other. Speak out loud!